The Sound of Applause is a creative visual media studio based in Amsterdam. We tell stories through film and graphic design.

We love to support projects that aim to make the world a better place by giving them a visual language. We often collaborate with production and distribution companies, cultural institutions and festivals, theater groups and art collectives that wish to develop visual narratives that go beyond ideas of ‘marketing’ and ‘branding’. Our services include – among others – trailer production, post-production supervision, design of posters and printed material. At the core of our work lies a passion for storytelling through visual media, whether this be through cinematography or the stories hidden in shapes and colors.

We also produce our own films. We work selectively on only a few projects at a time in order to focus on in-depth storytelling and microscopic detail in character development. But we do not shy away from controversial topics, and we welcome projects that critically address – in the broadest sense – identity, community, freedom, and systems of oppression and resistance. We are also very much interested in supporting creative documentaries and works of art engaging with media archaeology and the history of communication.
To bring outstanding stories to the silver screen and television, we work with the best young and seasoned filmmakers in the Netherlands and abroad. Like our crew, our projects are international, appeal to diverse audiences and have high potential for worldwide distribution. The diversity of viewpoints and cultures makes The Sound of Applause a unique bridge: between the Middle East and Western Europe, between minorities of gender and sexuality and the cultural mainstream, between what is normal and what questions it. If you like our work and philosophy, and are interested in hearing more or discussing a collaboration in any form, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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