‘I Lived My Myth in Greece’ now at Frascati Amsterdam

“Europe is a history of rape. Debt gives birth to tragic stories.”

I Lived My Myth In Greece is a lecture-performance on cultural debts and financial desires by Manolis Tsipos.

In 2005, at the aftermath of the ‘Athens 2004 Olympic Games’, the Greek National Tourism Organization EOT launched a successful campaign with the general title “Live Your Myth in Greece”. Today, 5 years after the European Debt Crisis started showing its teeth in Greece, it is perhaps high time we learned the true story of the Crisis, as a story in fact driven by desire which –although manifested as a complex system of money transactions– has set up the melancholic currencies of contemporary Europe. Desire is a never-ending urgency. Today’s Debt Crisis is haunted by very old desires.

11-13 December 2013, 21:30 at Frascati theater Amsterdam.

12th of Never nominated for 3 awards at EYE Amsterdam

On 12 January 2014, the Shortcutz Film Festival will be awarding prizes for the best short films on 2013 for the first time in EYE Amsterdam.

12th of Never by Fadi Hindash is nominated for altogether 3 awards: Best Film, Best Director (Fadi Hindash) and Best Screenwriting (Fadi Hindash).

The nominees for Best Film will be competing for the Mr Zee Cam-a-lot Filmmore Award. De winning director will receive 10.000€ for the production of the next film project. Furthermore, the best Dutch Short Film of 2013 will tour the whole Shortcutz circuit around Europe.

Among the jury members is one of the most renowned Dutch directors George Sluizer (Dark Blood). Guests at the award ceremony on 12 january, hosted by actor Tygo Gernandt, include Jan Harlan (executive producer of Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg), director Paula van der Oest, actress Monic Hendrickx, and director Jos Stelling, among others.

‘I Lived my Myth in Greece’ to be presented at Frascati Theater Amsterdam

“Europe is a history of rape. We never left Crete. We are always inside the Labyrinth. Who owes to whom? Europa vs. the bull. Europe vs. Wall Street. We have all given birth to Minotaurs.”
I Lived my Myth in Greece‘ is a lecture-performance on cultural debts and financial desires by Manolis Tsipos.  In collaboration with the artist, The Sound of Applause will be contributing a multi-screen video installation. Come see this fascinating piece at Frascati Theater Amsterdam on December 11-13, 2013

12th of Never wins at Shortcutz & in competition at 60th Pula Film Festival

Great news! 12th of Never has been awarded the winner of the April round of Shortcutz Amsterdam film festival. This means that it will start touring all participating Shortcutz cities and take place in the big competition at the end of the year.
Our short film has also been selected to participate in the 60th anniversary edition of the prestigious Pula Film Festival in July. We are honored and looking forward to the screening in beautiful Pula. More updates follow!

The Sound of Applause designs Queeristan 2013 poster


Amsterdam’s queer festival Queeristan is an autonomous space that dodges logics of profit and commercialisation, but also a platform to both explore and counter the normative workings of gender, sexuality and identity. We are proud to be participating in Queeristan with the official poster for this year’s edition. More at queeristan.org.